Mobile Pet Grooming For Your Dog and Cat

Groomingdales Express is a Mobile pet grooming service based in Irvine and serving surrounding areas. Mobile grooming that provides mobile dog and cat grooming that eliminates the stress taking your pet to busy grooming saloon and on you and your pet by bringing a comfortable atmosphere to your door. No traveling, no mess in your car, and no pickup times that must be kept. And, your pet will never see a cage! State of the art equipment in a temperature controlled van, which reduces grooming time and stress to the pet. Our average appointment usually lasts about an hour.


Call 949-552-9003

Please leave message and will return calls A.S.A.P or end of Business Day. Email for next day response.

Groomingdales Express is one of the very few Mobile Grooming service in Irvine and surrounding areas who provides services for your beloved Felines. As cat lovers ourselves, we understand their usual temperament and their unique way of reacting to certain situations, especially if they feel like they are being forced into doing something they don't particularly want to do. We take extra care with your cat to ensure their feeling of trust and sense of security. Jeanie is excellent with cats and is an expert at understanding them.






Her specialty is The Lion Cut and cat clipping.


Actual picture of her own cats, with lion cuts.

Quality Service At Your Door! Professional Grooming for all breeds using the latest techniques State-of-the-Art Equipment Focus on Hygiene care and maintenance Dependability you can trust And, Lots of T.L.C



owner Jeanie Berman has been grooming Orange County's furry friends for 20 years. An animal lover herself, Jeanie cares about their overall health and happiness. She loves her clients and their owners as much as they love her! It is Groomingdales Express belief that with the cultivation of long term relationships with our clients we are able to maximize the value of our services by virtue of a deep appreciation of the client and their pets so we may develop a custom solution that fits their individual pet care needs.


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" Hi there,
    My family and I wanted to reach out and thank you for your page My oldest daughter, Maddie, has been begging my husband and I for a puppy for as long as I can remember. We're both dog-lovers but haven't had dogs ourselves since we were kids so we wanted to wait until the right time to bring a dog into our family. We moved into a new house back in February with a fenced-in yard so we decided when my summer vacation started we would start looking. Needless to say, we fell in love and adopted the most beautiful American Eskimo puppy back in July and named him Gatsby (I'm a 9th grade English teacher - I couldn't resist!):)
   Your page has been such a giant help to us in caring for our new puppy, I wanted to reach out and personally thank you. Gatsby is already an irreplaceable part of our family - I don't know what we ever did without him! He is the most loving and playful dog, and he absolutely adores our girls.
   That being said, I guess I should have done a bit more research on how much American Eskimos shed! It is like you would not believe - I don't know how a 15 lb dog can possibly lose that much hair. I found a really good article on cleaning with pets at I wanted to pass it along to you because I thought it could be a good addition to your resource page. Hopefully it can help some other clueless new pet-parent out.
Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of your week!

– Sara Barnes & family


" Jeanie of Groomingdales Express Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming is one of the most compassionate person in carry for the health and well being of my pets. Jeanie groomed and care for the last generation of my pets and is now grooming and taking care of the new generation. I know my pets will have a better life with Jeanie of Groomingdales Express involved in it.

– T.Levens


" I have had indoor cats and dog for over 15 years and after several bad grooming experiences, was lucky to find Jeanie and Groomingdales Express over 10 years ago. Jeanie has never disappointed us and has never injured our pets as some other groomers have. She remembers the unique quirks and pet personalities and always goes above and beyond in taking care of my two Persians and Brussels Griffon, like they were her own. My pets would suffer without such a conscientious groomer and we are so fortunate to have Jeanie as our friend. You won't find a nicer person or a better groomer, especially one that comes right to your door. Thanks Jeanie!

– B.Graham


" Special Thanks! to students at Craft Central Schools and their Teacher Ms. R A few of my students came across it while researching "Pet Safety" and found the information extremely helpful! I thought you might appreciate the feedback, I know I always do :)As a "thank you" and since the majority of my students have pets, they asked if I would pass along another resource, Pet resource that they found very useful. They thought it would make a great addition to your page under "Links". I thought it would be a great learning exercise to show my students that reaching out to other educators on the internet is a good place to share ideas, thoughts and resources ideas, thoughts and resources. I told them not to get their hopes up, but I was hoping you could list it so I could surprise them with some extra credit:) They would be so happy! Here a Groomomgdalesexpress pet care is our love and business and when it benefit someone or another pet with a good resource we are more than happy to pass it on.

– Jeanie


  " Dear Jeanie,

" For the next two days we thought very long and hard about what we should do. We ultimately came to the conclusion that even after a successful surgery, she would never again lead the life which she had known. She was ten years old and we were just weren’t sure how she would do or how much time she had left with us.
  " We couldn’t bear to go through this again. It was the hardest decision we have ever made because we loved her so much. We wanted to extend a special thanks to you for caring for her for all of these years. Cockers have a finicky health disposition to say the least and you have been exceptionally helpful. I am sure you help the lives of many people as well as their pets (as you did with us).
  " We are crushed that one of our “children” is now gone. She was a special dog and somewhat famous. As you know I write books for a living and tens of thousands of my readers knew who she was. But life springs eternal. Last night, my daughter picked out a new puppy. A tiny half Papillion/Yorkie. While our hearts ache because we miss Blossom so much, it is nice once again hear the patter of a furry, four legged animal roaming the hallways of our home.

– Steve & Mary


" Jeanie and Groomingdales Express delivers the best, most professional and most pet-friendly grooming service I have ever experienced. T. Roberts Jeanie has been grooming our dogs for ten years and she's just a miracle worker. L.Wiegman I can't say enough good things about Jeanie. Not only is she a terrific groomer, she's also very loving, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Groomingdales Express to anyone who wants the best for their furry family members.

– D. Feiner