No Hassel - No Worries - No Problems

Loading...   Brush Coat
   Warm Water Bath and Rinse
   Clean Ears and Eyes
   Trim Nails
   Towel and Blow Dry
   Brush and Style
   Perfume deodorize

Our service eliminates the stress on you and your pet by bringing a comfortable atmosphere to your door. No traveling, no mess in your car, and no pickup times that must be kept. And, your pet will never see a cage with us!

Our van is temperature controlled and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which reduces grooming time and stress to the animal. Our average appointment usually lasts about an hour.

Groomingdales Express is one of the very few Mobile Groomers in all of Orange County who provides services for your beloved Felines. As cat lovers ourselves, we understand their usual temperament and their unique way of reacting to certain situations, especially if they feel like they are being forced into doing something they don't particularly want to do.

We take extra care with your cat to ensure their feeling of trust and sense of security.

Jeanie is excellent with cats and is an expert at understanding them. Her specialty is The Lion Cut and cat clipping.


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