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We’ve happily used Grooming Dales Express for many years. What’s makes Jeanie completely unique is not only the quality grooming she delivers to your doorstep, but her deep knowledge of dogs and their health-related issues. We always appreciate her advice and recommendations for our cocker spaniel Blossom

Steve and Mary Martin, Coto De Caza , California



My name is Miles Davis Austin, my friends call me The Miles man. Jeanie Berman comes to my house once a month to give me a bath and make me look pretty. I like Jeanie very much. She gives me treats!! My mom says I am the prettiest man in the world. My girl friend, Scruffy, who looks like the dog in the Wizard of Oz, loves me and thinks I am irresistible, all of this is thanks to Jeanie and Grooming Dales Express. Sincerely,

The Miles Man  


I can't say enough good things about Jeanie. Not only is she a terrific groomer, she's also very loving, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She's told me things about my Pekes that I never would have known about otherwise, and we're all much better off for having her in our lives. I would highly recommend Groomingdales Express to anyone who wants the best for their furry family members!

Debbi Feiner


We love Jeanie! She's been patient and loving with Dakota. When he was first being groomed, we could barely drag him out the door (we had to carry him) and now he runs out and jumps into the van. She's great and we love the convenience of grooming at our home.

Thank you Groomingdales Express!

The Barlows


Jeanie has been grooming our dogs for ten years and she's just a miracle worker! One of our Cockers, who should probably be named "Cujo", has subjected Jeanie to almost every indignity known to man - nevertheless, Jeanie is patient and caring and always has a cheerful, professional smile on her face! You can depend on Jeanie for detailed, thorough grooming - on time and reliable, too.

– Linda Wiegman


Jeanie has been grooming my dogs for nearly ten years. She does a great job and caters to each of my dogs special needs. Currently, I have three dogs, and Jeanie checks them thoroughly and lets me know if she notices any changes in their health/teeth, etc. The dogs love her and I love the way they look and smell after her visits!

Pam Chapman


Jeanie has been our personal groomer for (Jeanie, can you fill in the blank?) years and we love how much she truly loves and respects our 12-year old, one-eyed Golden Retriever, Calli. Jeanie doesn't know this, but once I had occasion to walk up to the back of her van while she was grooming Calli and heard nothing but cooing coming from the van. She is so gentle and truly cares about Calli, often calling after a grooming and leaving me a detailed message about a new lump or the condition of Calli's ears. I really appreciate her follow-up. Jeanie always comes on the day she says she is coming and on the rare occasion that I have had to change days, she is very accommodating

Linda Scholle   


Jeanie and Groomingdales Express delivers the best, most professional and most pet-friendly grooming service I have ever experienced. My Golden Retriever, Kramer, loves Jeanie like a favorite aunt. I highly recommend Groomingdales Express and Jeanie for grooming the ones you love.

T. Roberts


I've been using Jeanie to groom my little dogs for over 3 years now. Jeanie is very professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to animal care and truly cares about her clients, both canine/feline and human. Her gentle, patient approach to grooming makes what can be a less than pleasant experience for my dog relatively stress-free. I wouldn't use anyone else!

Judith Hug


For the past 5 years Jeanie has come to our home and taken excellent care of our little Westie. Jeanie's kindness is matched by her attention to detail and expertise. She takes the time to answer any questions regarding our Westie's grooming and general well-being. After each visit our Westie is presented to us with a sparkling coat, bow on his collar and the most delicious scent of shampoo. We look forward to seeing Jeanie and trust that our little guy is in wonderful hands!



It has been a pleasure working with you Jeanie, you do a great job grooming my two dogs!

Cookie Sherman


Groomingdales Express is a great service. It's convenient, and anytime I have questions in reference to my dog Jeanie is always responsive, helpful and wonderful to work with. She is very caring about the animals.



I have had indoor cats and dog for over 15 years and after several bad grooming experiences, was lucky to find Jeanie and Groomingdales over 10 years ago.  Jeanie has never disappointed us and has never injured our pets as some other groomers have.  She remembers the unique quirks and pet personalities and always goes above and beyond in taking care of my two Persians and Brussels Griffon, like they were her own.  My pets would suffer without such a conscientious groomer and we are so fortunate to have Jeanie as our friend.  You won't find a nicer person or a better groomer, especially one that comes right to your door.  Thanks Jeanie!

Bill Graham


Jeanie, Thank you so much for taking the time to call reference Sierra's ear.. I always follow your advice. I would love to add a testimonial to your website. she always takes care of your dog and the needs of the owner. Our dog is always so eager to go with Jeanie. She is wonderful with her and the dog always look and smells so good after her grooming. She is caring and compassionate towards the animals and I have referred her to several of my friends.



Ruby, a Kelpie -- a smaller type cattle dog bred only in Australia. Ruby often runs off leash, busy herding her master and devotes her total being to make sure her master knows the way. Ruby is now kind of old and has some tender areas from arthritis. She loves gentle Jeanie and her Groomingdales van! Not your normal foo-foo dog, Ruby smells so yummy after the best spa treatment ever and gets bows in her fur, no less. If you want tender and gentle care during bath time for your precious fur friend, call Jeanie – she is THE BEST!